Sunday, November 22, 2009

I miss my (art) journal....

...few more entries, and i should be done with my 4th journal.....a peek on my latest entry, dunno what else to do yet...hmmm...gotta get some inspirations....


  1. hi July :)

    so glad we met up again this afternoon :)
    your work is an Inspiration and very happy that we're friends. have a good week!

  2. ...hmmm inspiration,...inspiration is what fills and animates our lives and our work. Inspiration is like a 'spark' or 'catalyst' which give us force for an action...and that action is what we have in common....TO CREATE...and be creative..heee...(macam kata2 pujangga gitu yeah?) Hey! thanks a zillion to you too! have a gd week 2u and selamat menyambut Aidiladha. Big Hugs : July


Hi! Thank you for your lovely comments. I really appreciate you dropping by here;)
Hugs: July