Friday, November 27, 2009

Its time to talk about ART!!

Here's what i did for my latest entries on my art journal.

There's a funny story behind the "art" cut out word that you see on my entry. don't forget to visit my YOU TUBE channel ( on how i go about doing the entries, a lot of pasting, cutting/tearing, collaging and a little a bit of gesso here and there!


  1. Hi Juz, I love your mixed media work. I'm also a subscriber to you tube channel. You're very generous with your tutorials. I'm looking forward to more videos! Diane

  2. Hi Diane! Hey! How are you? and nice to 'meet' you! Gosh i'm very honoured to have you here! I hope you be able to read my 'reply' comment coz i'm soooo new to the "art of blogging" (LOL!)so far i'm very good at posting pictures and comments and ....that's about it! thank you for 'following' me here! i be more than happy to do tutorials coz i wanna share with others too!
    i'm trying to do some tutorials here on my blog (thou' i prefer utube for tutorials)
    Peace m Luv : July


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