Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Love my Journey (thru my journal)

And.....finally, my last entry of my 4th journal. Actually, i've already started on my 5th one!!! (heees....)
As usual, feel free to 'click' the link to my You Tubes on the left side of my blog. Here's a closer look.

Love my Journey (thru my art journal)

I'll be uploading a video of a 'flip' into my art journal. Be sure to drop by ;-)
Enjoy your weekdays and have fun!!
Luv ; July


  1. Beautiful journal cover... can I learn from you how to make a journal book?

  2. wow July...i'm always amazed at your work and creations! i'm hoping to find time soon to hang out @ your place ;)

    have a great week and i tengah batok teruk laa... :(

  3. I'd love to go thru' ALL your artwork. It'll be such an inspiring and 'art-filled' time. I'm an admirer the first time I saw your album!!


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