Thursday, January 21, 2010

My journal 'Flip" videos are done! finally....

OMG!! took me ages to do this video. I really draaag when it comes to 'editting' (hope i spell it correctly) and then uploading the vids in You Tube. Anyway...while i'm waiting for those vids to be uploaded, i thought, hmmm...update my blog!!

I just wanna say a MEGA Thank You to my friends (including my 'you tube' friends and subscribers), my 'followers' and families for all your support and for taking time to drop by my blog or You Tube channel, Thank You for all the nice comments be it in my blog or YT. O.K i've said enough....
Hope you enjoy my 4th and 5th journal flips.

Take a look at my journals.....

from bottom : 1st journal, 2nd, 3rd, 4th

from another angle.....

This is my what i call my "painting" journal. In this journal, i try to draw and paint more instead of lots of cutting and pasting even though the temptation is there (heee....). The size is bigger, coz i wanna try to do some of my art work on a canvas soon (hopefully..)

Here's what i did so far......

"butterfly, butterfly so beautiful to me......"

oh, look at that eyelashes!!! inspired by one of the You Tube artist @adrianaalmanza, i subscribed to her channel. go to my channel, and find her link there under my subscriptions! her girls and their 'eyelashes' are just mesmerizing!!

hmm...dunno what to do with this one yet
and..oh yes, you saw the other painting inspired by the storybook "Willow". Go check out the book in our National Library at the Children's section! You can find lots of inspirations and ideas from children's book too (believe me!!)
Have a great weekend ahead and take care.

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