Friday, January 8, 2010

Something new that i tried and fell in love with it!!

Here's something i did and fell in love with the outcome.....i'll defitnitely do this again for my You Tube vids! Guess who's that little 'cutie' girl???

                From a photo at the hall... (i snap the picture with my camera)

to this.....

did a multiple copy of the photo on paper....

and then, i cut, did an image transfer using Studio multi-medium (gloss) and thats where the 'fun' begins! and here's the outcome....ta daaaaaa......

'mushroom' courtesy of Diyanah (heees....) cute is that??
I don't have a tutorial on this one, but will definitely do it again. I hope you get some ideas how to do this and had fun doing it, just like i did.
Till my next update, have a fun and creative weekend! Bye.....

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