Friday, February 5, 2010

Art Journal updates and more ....

Helloooooo everyone!!! So, its Friday today, I AM SO TIRED!! Age's catching up (i guess!!) But that will not stop me from creating ART....(heees...)
First, about my latest entries

"my comfort zone"

i layered and glued 3 doilies, and cut the middle....

"i wanna know..."

just gotta add some pearls on her crown

This entry's from my 'painting' journal. Remember this....?
 the background.....(before)

i did some doodling....(after)


This is my altered 'Scrap A Tag' from Laines

After (front)


closer look...
sewed the edges and embellished it with charms

and something about polymer clay
i borrowed this book from the library, and tried some of the techniques. it was really easy and fun coz its not like the milliefiore techniques. just choose the colour of your clay, condition it, and then start stamping and painting, mixed-media style!!!
i did these 'mixed-media' mosaic using polymer clay, the techniques shown clearly in the book, by Laurie Mika were easy to!!

a 'mixed-media' polymer clay tag! how fun was that! gotta try this again sometime.
Have a creative and fun weekend!


  1. Oh wow!! Love your clay tags to bits July!! As always, admiring your work of arts too!!

  2. full of colors, but not sweet, I like Your works very much :}

  3. love the tag for Laines... totally vintage... I love that... beautiful doodling!

  4. Beautiful! I love your creations!

  5. Wow Wow!!! must learn from you when we're @ your place yeah :)


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