Thursday, February 25, 2010


Handmade artsy stuff!! By....july.....

dangling lantern-like earrings, made from polymer clay

'yummy' mini cakes keychains made from polymer clay

'irresistable mini chocolates' accordian style album made from polymer clay

'choker stlyle, necklaces
pendants made from polymer clay
handmade 'unique' elongated notebooks

handmade buttons.....
for my 'handmade' journals....
and talk about journals, here's my latest entry.....
entitled 'thank you.....'
Thank you God, for this 'creative' gift........
and a big Thank you to my friend Regina, whose helping me to sell my Handmade artsy stuff!! I truly appreciate your help and kindness...
"Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes, Art is knowing which ones to keep" - Scott Adams
Thank you for dropping by my blog! Luv : July ;-)


  1. July, glad we met up on Friday and Thanks for coming over and hanging out with me :) let's do this again soon yeah!

    and of course, Love all your Artsy stuff!
    and what a Groovie new look on your blog. i like :D

  2. Thank you Ed, oh yep, your turn lah to come over. need u to teach me how to get rid of my face there at the 'followers'! dunno what i've click wrongly, i became a 'follower' of my own blog (lol!)

  3. your blog looks the whimsical vintage look...
    and those creations are WOW! LOVE THE polymer clay accordian cute...and clever!!! and the jewelry is so unique...

  4. Totally love your creative stuff July! Love love your hand made buttons. Next time we meet, bring some for me to admire!! Love your blog's new look too...

    Thanx for hanging out with me today. So happy every time we get together, it's such a laugh!!


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