Thursday, February 18, 2010

When you have EXTRAs.....Think "RE-use or RE-cycle"

I've been keeping this extra fabric (bought from Ikea) from my 4th journal that i made, and not wanting to waste it, i decided to make a 'mini' journal!!

but, this time, i did some 'sewing' on it

already did some doodling, and also prep some of the pages with gesso and acrylics, just in case i wanna 'travel' with my mini journal
so instead of using ribbon to 'wrap' around it, i sew an elastic band to close the mini journal
really, really, fun and easy to make a personalised journal! i gave a 'tutorial' on how to make a journal to my friend Regina, and she got addicted!!!
and then, what about extra scraps/stripes of papers??? what did i make?
please DON'T throw them away!!
Here's what you can do.....(mixed-media cards)
glue/collage them on a cardstock (any size, any colour) and start 'playing', you can do so many things with all the extra scraps/stripes of pattern papers that you have






also a great way to use up all the 'tiny bits' of die-cut cardstocks (if you dunno where to put them in your layout!)
Oh yes! my Art journal entries....
from my 'painting' journal, this one's entitled "neighbours"
because i love my neighbours too!
i'll be back again, with more artsy stuff.
Take care! Ta-Ta....;-)


  1. love these ideas. Especially the houses at the endxkeep up the good workxlynda

  2. i agree abt the reuse n recycle part... what great ideas you have... stunning work! you have got to visit this website...cos I feel like its so you... visit if you havnt k?

  3. you've been busy yeah! *miss you*
    that's a cool mini album and i'm sure you'll fill it up with many lovely things :)

    hope to catch up soon, Take Care!


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