Monday, May 31, 2010

Hello.....hope that you are in the best of health, always. School holiday's here again.....busy, busy, busy...
Here's something to "feast your eyes"... my Art Journal entries!



....a lonely daughter.....

"fail to interest"

"I Love Mak"  (Treasured memories)
Diyanah, my daughter always write me love notes/letters. I think this is one way of telling me that she loves me no matter what.....and so, i 'collage' one of her love letters in my art journal.

'seeking strength.....'

'live well, laugh often, love much'
....i need that! ....

'slowly, but surely....'

"Life is not about...."


i'm going through some emotional roller coaster lately, but, i guess having a friend to be with, my art journal to 'paint' my emotions, my family to talk to and my Faith in God helps me to pull through it all. i always tell myself to always 'keep moving forward....' and think happy thoughts...heees..

 I've already upload my 6th jounal flip video which you can watch here.
I hope you enjoy the video.
Thank you for dropping by my blog,
Live well, Laugh often and Love much...Always!
Ta taaaa....and Hugs...
July ;D


  1. There's so much detail in your artwork. You are an inspiration! Aloha, Marie.

  2. uhhhh...always amazed with your "Art~ing" :)
    can't wait to have our Art session. see you soon!

  3. July really amazing,I totally love your art and craft. Keep it up girl!!!

  4. Really adore your journal pages! Got to touch and see it this Friday...Teach me Teach me!

  5. thank you July...
    the memories of your life embedded on these beautiful creations are wonderful points that I can reflect, on my own life...

    cheer up! :)
    you'll be ok, insyallah.

  6. Hey July can you go to my blog and try again. Some people complained about the same thing you told me about the comment. So I believe it was the template so I decided to change it. Please go and let me know if you could comment. It is a test
    Thanks in advance and sorry for bothering you.

    Judy xxx


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