Monday, July 19, 2010

Good day everyone....
Hope all of you are doing great and enjoying your weekend with your loved ones.
Here's what i've been doing...
Mail Art (inspired by mail art projects from Somerset Studio magazines)


here's what you see when you open the flap of the envelopes

just short, sweet and simple notes for my 'Groovie' friends
i really enjoyed myself doing this mail art 
Super fun and easy to make and exchange your 'one-of-a -kind' mail art with your friends and family
Would you like to 'exchange' mail art with me too?
Here are the mail art i received from my Groovie friends...

from Ed
from Georgina
Thank you Gals!
we should do this more often
Talk about Groovie girlfriends, do check out our new blog @Groovie Scraps Cafe
there's a lot of 'happenings' there.

 a Birthday gift for my friend...
i did this layout on a 9"x12" canvas board
hope she likes it!

My Art Journal entries
just let me cry....

an angry page!!!

set aside playtime...


nurture your potential...

Somethings to share....
when i was cutting some vegetables and crabs to prepare for today's meal, i was sooo inspired by the colours and patterns of the veggies and crabs, that i just couldn't resist to snap some pictures...

 chillies and onions

  lady's finger and tomato

and look at those colours and patterns!! simply beautiful....

 I hope that you're inspired too!
Thank you for dropping by and 'follow' my blog and also for your kind comments.
till my next update....
stay healthy (heee....) and
Ta taaaaa!
Luv : July;D


  1. Kak, im touched by the "just let me cry..." sometimes all of us need that... the mail art is something new to me... so thanks for the inspiration...

    I appreciate the beautiful patterns we are surrounded with too... so beautiful are God's creations...

  2. wonderful!!!! i ' d like to see posts from you more often!!!! i love your pages!!!!

  3. love the Groovie Mail Art you made for me! especially tickled by the note you wrote..hehe

    as always, i *heART* your work July.
    we'll catch up again soon yeah.

  4. I would love to do some art mail with do l do itxxl Your art mail is amazingx. love all your other journal art and your imagesxxlynda

  5. Your mail art is incredible! Great work! Jamie (BlackSunJamie)


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Hugs: July