Monday, August 2, 2010

Hello to all. Been busy with my princess, she's ill with a high fever, but she's recovering...
I still managed to escape.... My Art Journal

(oh.....the feeling of painting, collaging, stamping....stress relieve for me..especially when you don't have enough sleep! lol)

the girl who loves to dance....

its all in how you look at things....

there is nothing wrong with you....
(this entry is very much inspired by Tam @willowing....i LOVE her vids! Do check out this vid ,as well and listen to her Important News! so kind of her...)

Round Robin Art Journal
Thank You to Paula @JournalArtista for hosting this project
i made this journal sometime ago, and
here are the entries
i found a place......

embrace imperfections...
(this quote is actually taken from Tim Holtz stamp)

the power of love.....


you may fly now....

if you want to watch the 'flip' click here,


i did the 'sign-in' and 'messages' page at the very last minute after watching Marie's @ArtofMarie vids. Thank you Marie;-)

I hope that you're inspired
take care and stay healthy;)
Peace and Luv


  1. Hey girlfriend, hope your little one feeling better. Heard about her feeling down last week. Your work as always ... Amazing!! We do lunch soon ya!!

  2. Amazing stuff. thanks for sharing

  3. so happy to see you do art! love all your entries...i really can't do what you lazy

  4. It's so inspirational to visit your blog. I feel refreshed and ready to start on new artwork!

  5. glad that your Little Princess is all better now :) Thanks for the tags from the swap and all the fun we had over the weekend :D

    Happy National Day!
    and Wishing you & family Ramadan Mubarak :)

  6. I love your work sooooo much it is so inspiring and you are so talented xx


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