Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hi everyone;) Here's an update on my scrapbooking projects and my art journal entries. Oh yes, Thank you to all of you who came visit and commenting on my blog! Really makes my day;)

About Scrapbooking
Fun Together
August challenge for Papierhouse
to include red and white ribbon on your layout

i tried to 'challenge' myself not to use any paint on this layout..heee...

introducing...The Catoes
August challenge for Create {Make it Happen}
to include paper doily on your layout

thats my You Tube friend Vikki and her family....

About my Art Journal
where to share my true feelings.....

fully express yourself

just looove using crackle paints!

...whatever makes you happy.....

butterfly, butterflies....


'playing' with my Chalkboard colours and Glimmer mist
not much of 'glimmers' in Chalkboard
  more of a 'matte' look

I was 'absent' for quite awhile, because of my priorities as a mother, wife and a Muslim. Its the month of Ramadhan (the ninth month of the Islamic calender), where Muslims across the world refrain from food and drink (fast) from dawn till dusk for 30 days.
Fasting serves many purposes. While we are hungry and thirsty, Muslims are reminded of the suffering of the poor, thus, an opportunity to practice self-control and cleanse the body and mind, and in this most sacred month, fasting helps Muslims feel the peace that comes from spiritual devotion as well as kinship with fellow believers.....
Thank You for dropping by my blog and of course, hope you are inspired.
Take care, be humble and smile always....
Peace and Luv


  1. Beautiful! I like! Next round when we meet must do painting together!

  2. July!!! You are such a wonderful wonderful artist! My jaws dropped and could not close until I scrolled through almost all your work!! Eyes popping out goldfish. You sure are one talented lady! Woohoo!
    BTW, thankx a millionz for that beautiful work on the chalkboard mist!

  3. Salam!!! Such wonderful updates... the two layouts are definitely eye catching and different.... hope you are having a good ramadan... :)

  4. Absolutely FAB,
    compliments for your greyt artwork it's definately cheered up my day
    joan in italy

  5. kak July... I think all three that you mentioned make good gifts! haha...

  6. Really loved your journal pages and mix media pieces -- the colors, doodling, everything!!!


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