Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Collage and Mixed Media 'Girls'
I am sooo addicted to drawing and painting these gals that i did 10 of them!!! you can see that the gals are pretty much alone...surrounded by things that makes her happy...heeee.....

you can watch the rest of the gals here
and then i decided to keep them in a pocket album....
i was sooo happy to used up my old pattern papers to decorate this album
the album is so colourful!! just makes me happy;D
i do not have any 'theme' for it, just go with the flow kinda thing!!
you can watch the 'flip' of the pocket album here
I will try my very best to do a tutorial soon;)

About my Art Journal



Thank you for dropping by and for your kind comments. Me and hubby are quite busy 'spring cleaning' to prepare for Eid-ul-Fitr.
So many things to do, so little energy....heee....
Anyway, hope that you're inspired!
Stay healthy, happy and creative;)
Peace and Luv


  1. Hi July! Your fantastic album of your "girls" makes me happy too! It's just wonderful! I'm so happy to hear that you're planning on doing a tutorial soon! I'm happy to have found your blog! I'll be stopping by often! Have a happy day!...Nancy :o)

  2. Salam July!

    you've been busy indeed this Ramadan yeah. as always, enjoy looking @ your art and InsyaAllah we'll try and meet up. managed to bake any kuih for Hari Raya? ;)

  3. Salam...
    love how you used the laces!!! plus you are so good at drawing the faces... u work remind me a lil of Suzy Blu... :) hope Ramadan has been good. Take care.

  4. I like your girls very much!! :)
    And love the pocket album....
    I understand that you are going to give/make a tutorial?

    Greetings from Ivonne ~~NL~~

  5. Hi, Hi... love love your little girls! They are really sweet! Hope we can meet up soon and you can show them to me... Miss you much!


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