Monday, October 11, 2010

Thank you to all of you who never fail to come visit me here. I really appreciate your lovely and kind comments and support.
I've been so busy (always!) that i'm either too tired to blog or just plain lazy to snap photos of my finished projects OR worst, when my computer just don't want to 'co-orperate' with me...urrrgghhh....

                                     My Small (Mixed Media) Art
                                    done on a 4"x4" coasters

About Scrapbooking
I was totally inspired by this projects by Lenae May
from the Somerset Studio magazine (September/October issue)
and decided to do one myself.....
did this for {Create} Make It Happen for
October's Pink Challenge
Anyone are welcome to join the challenge, do visit us yeah!

Priceless Memories
i did this layout using lots of Chalkboard Glimmer Mist
from Tattered Angels

My Art Journal
grow plant, water seeds


playing with my metallic paints....
including crackle paints, modelling paste and silver leaf
Ta daaaaaaaa.....
my mixed media painting

My Collage and Mixed Media Tutorial
'she soon found what she wanted'
aaaah....finally finished this tutorial!
you may watch part 1 here, and part 2 here.
i'll be doing folder pocket album soon, so, just look out for it at my YT channel.

I'm off to do some new and exciting "challenges" now before the datelines! heeee......
Thank you for visiting;)
Take care, stay healthy and Happy creating!
Hope you're inspired
Peace and Luv


  1. Always a pleasure visiting your blog! Love your caged fairy and coasters. Your work is so colourful and joyful, just what the doctor ordered on this misty, chilly day in England, love Sharon x

  2. love the Fairies cage!! and coasters! thanks for sharing... beautiful mix of paints too...

    btw i think i saw you at cotton on with your daughter at lot 1 few wks back... hmmmm...

  3. I am so pampered by you! So many beautiful artpieces to see at one go! LOVE LOVE LOVE all your girl on coasters...beautiful bird cage..and journals too.....

  4. ahhh...such lovely work July! one of those girls are for me. right? hehe...

    exciting things happening indeed. catch up with you later yeah!

  5. Yeah!!! Love love all your work! You really fantastic. I cant believe all the work you do! Must bring and let me see see touch touch okie! Congrats!! Post it up post it up!!

  6. Welcome to the team July!!! You do such lovely yummy artsy stuff!

  7. I saw your tutorial on youtube and I felt in love. You are so talented - real artist! :)


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