Sunday, May 29, 2011

SWEET memories of you and me....
that's a vintage photo of my Mother In Law with my cutie Hubby
this is a challenge @ {Create} Make it Happen
for the month of May
 a Mother's Day theme layout/project
close ups

My Art Journal entries

Been painting these....
mixed media painting on 111/2 x153/4 MDF
(still not complete yet actually....)

i still need to add on somethings here too....heee...

these paintings are what i called my 'clean' version of painting....

and here's a peek at a finished assignment i did for Papermarket...
i'll show this on my next post....

Thank you for dropping by here ...
hope you're inspired!!!

Peace & Luv


  1. ooooo...i love the wind swept hair of your painted girl!!! =)

  2. Love all your artworks! So glad to have you on board for sunday blogging with me...hehehe...i can rest alternate week...i love it...

  3. what a feast for the eyes. I love your journal pages July, they are always so full of wonderful elements

  4. Hello Juz. I've just been watching your inspiring videos on utube and had to come and see your wonderful blog. I just love your art!!!!

  5. I just discovered your blog! Its amazing!! Love it. Have a nice day . Greetings Miek


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