Friday, June 29, 2012

Whimsical Class @Papermarket
i'm glad i get to share my knowledge with others.
For those of you who wants to know what you can do with your painting, here are some ideas.....

snap a photo of your own artwork....

print your artwork,
(on a sticky back canvas)

(on a cardstock)

cut it out, and make something....
how about some cards with your own artwork on it!

i cut the Sticky-back canvas and use it as the cover of 
an art journal!

here's another idea, most "art journalers" would do,
(print your artwork on a piece of paper)
cut just the face and neck...

and use them in your art journal

how about printing them on a T-shirt
for that someone special!

this is another artwork of mine,
printed on a canvas bag
or you can simply frame your artwork;)

'Families are the compass that guide us. They are the 
inspiration to reach great heights, and our comfort when we
occasionally falter' - Brad Henry
 June's challenge @Create
three things you have to include in your layout:
masking, tag and numbers

Art Journal and MM paintings
"i know i'm different....."
the 'butterfly' was my own artwork printed on a kitchen towel,
here's how i did it

"balance in life......"

my first attempt drawing a 'male'
i was so tempted to put 'blusher' on him! heee....

Making cards
(A4 sized for baby boys)

(and 6"x6" for a nephew wedding)

Thanx a zillion for dropping by my blog.
Before i sign off, i want to share with you a quote from
Michael P.Watson about Knowledge 

Hope you will be inspired.
Peace and Luv


  1. canteknya Kak J, I tak reti nak print on canvas and your work of art, marvellous and fabulous and stunning and cantek sangat la... xoxo

  2. Beautiful Beautiful Projects July! Love the t-shirts and the bag. Totally lovely. XOXO!!

  3. Hi July!
    I'm an Art teacher and I'm totally blown away by your creativity. I first stumbled upon your youtube video on how to print on kitchen towel and got hooked with your work of Art ever since. Hope you'd post more videos bcoz you're closer to home.

  4. Selamalaykum Great Girl! I Love Love Love your Art and i am happy that you have this Blog! Trank you for this. I would Love to learn from you. Could you offer online classes?

  5. I love a lot all your work, I´m your number one fan, thank you for share your beautiful art, the world need your creativity forever....
    Many hugs from Colombia.

  6. I loved your work very much. I will be very glad if you accept my friendship and have a muslim sister like you. Keep the good work.

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  8. Those ideas really sounds a lot of fun. I think I would like to try it sometime.

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