Friday, November 11, 2011

How time flies! Its almost a month since my previous post. So much been happening around me...bad ones, good, sad, happy....well, that's what you call LIFE!!!

4, 5, 6......7 years old....
For this month challenge @{Create} Make It Happen
 let's play with Numbers (in your layout)
Hope to see you there!

Here's an easy peasy project i would like to share with you,
using embellishments from Melissa Frances...

i chose my favourite into a small piece of 'art'

been keeping myself 'sane' with Art journalling....
here are entries from my old and new AJ. Hope to do a 'flip' video soon!

Life is a goal,
reach it!
Life is a promise,
fulfill it!
Life is a journey,
complete it!
Life is a duty,
perform it!
Life is a struggle,
accept it!
Life is a challenge,
meet it!
Life is an adventure,
dare it!
Life is short,
treasure it!
Life is a Blessing,
Thank Allah (God) for it....

Hope you're inspired.
Thank you for dropping by here.
Peace and Luv

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hi again;) Hope everyone is doing well.
First, a very Big Thank You to Gauche Alchemy for inviting me be their guest designer for October. There are 3 projects I designed for them using their new kit, Monstrous Mutant Robots from Outer Space ...and oh boy! its very challenging for me;) but, anyway, i love just broaden my creativity skills!....and move you away from your 'comfort zone' once in a while....

I also want to Thank Yvonne for your patience and Maggi for your amazing talent in writing;)

Here's a sneak of the 3 projects i did :
An album.....

A layout.....

and an Altered project......
do visit GA for more info

My girl...Diyanah
here's another challenge for me and for you too...heee.....
it's the challenge for October @{Create}Make It Happen
This month, {Create}Artist Jaz, wants us to be Inspired by Banners and challenges us to have it on your layout
Hope to see you there!

here are some close-ups

My Mixed Media Painting
can you see hearts? (well, i tried!.....)
i used Glossy Accents to add some dimensions on
the already textured painting.
hmmm....i like about you?

somehow, this painting reminds me of my daughter....
I want to share with you another project i did using the Printery Collection A4 paper stack from Prima. Since i like to print my artwork on pattern paper, i was happy to buy this paper stack coz it definitely fit my printer sooo perfectly!! There's a few collection to choose from.

I chose this one to print my artwork

this is how it looks like after i print my artwork on the paper....

finally, i include them in my layout....

It's really fun printing your photos or artwork on different materials, i've already tried printing on canvas, cardstock/pattern papers, vellumtransparencies and finally i decided to try on kitchen (paper) towel/tissue paper. I actually 'spoiled' my printer (yikes!) but, then, hubby came to the rescue. So, i found a way...oh well, in short,to print without 'destroying' my inkjet printer! heeee.....
Want to know how?
Just click here...and you'll see....( first time 'talking' in my vid...)

I think that's all for now...
Thank you so much for dropping by here. I really appreciate your kind comments:)
Hope you're inspired
Take care and have a Lovely day!
Peace and Luv

Friday, September 30, 2011

Hi everyone;)
My apologies for neglecting my blog. Ok! lets begin with a painting.....
look at her hair!! heee...
 i want to name this painting
"All by Myself"

Salam Aidilfitri
can you spot the Blings, Buttons and Butterflies...?
September challenge @{Create}Make it Happen

Us Together
a layout using mainly My Minds Eye products
go get yours at Laine's or Papermarket!
and oh, their having mega sale, still not too late, tomorrow is the last day!

Thank you for dropping by here.
 And hope you're inspired!!

Peace and Luv