Friday, November 11, 2011

How time flies! Its almost a month since my previous post. So much been happening around me...bad ones, good, sad, happy....well, that's what you call LIFE!!!

4, 5, 6......7 years old....
For this month challenge @{Create} Make It Happen
 let's play with Numbers (in your layout)
Hope to see you there!

Here's an easy peasy project i would like to share with you,
using embellishments from Melissa Frances...

i chose my favourite into a small piece of 'art'

been keeping myself 'sane' with Art journalling....
here are entries from my old and new AJ. Hope to do a 'flip' video soon!

Life is a goal,
reach it!
Life is a promise,
fulfill it!
Life is a journey,
complete it!
Life is a duty,
perform it!
Life is a struggle,
accept it!
Life is a challenge,
meet it!
Life is an adventure,
dare it!
Life is short,
treasure it!
Life is a Blessing,
Thank Allah (God) for it....

Hope you're inspired.
Thank you for dropping by here.
Peace and Luv