Saturday, January 30, 2010

Just an update!

I just wanna share with you an update on my journal entries.

remember this.......


lets take a closer look......
oh....can't resist using butterfly.....

what else after sketching???

ta daaaa.......

i've yet to decide where to 'put' the title, maybe right below her left eye....

i just finished with this one...
"Love is an Art"

there's no vids on all the entries you've seen here, but i did upload a "how i did my stencilling" video on my YT channel, nothing new or special, but hope you like it. go check it out! that 1 min ++ of video took me about almost 7mins to upload to You Tube....(phew!!!...)

Before i sign off, let me share with you some quotations by Roland Fiddy...
LOVE is an ART
LOVE is the sound of sweet music
LOVE lifts you to great heights
LOVE tries to impress
LOVE is like floating on air
LOVE can sometimes be a ROUGH ride!

Take care, stay healthy and have a LOVEly day!
LOVE : July ;-D

Monday, January 25, 2010

Family is Everything.....

Here's another Ed's challenge. Anything about family!! Hmmm....i'm having a blast doing this!
And here's my layout....

wanna closer look.......

family is forever, family is everything.........

Finally, i get to 'play' with my sewing machine. I'm trying to make a fabric paper 'envelope'.

i can put 'stuff' inside.....

can't help it....i HAVE to alter it, coz it looks too clean.....

LOVE the 'distress' edges

i don't know what to do with this yet. one thing for sure i must embellish it. Any suggestions???

An update on what i've been doing with my art journal. Just sketching /drawing a bit.

so many artsy things to do, soooo little time!
But, i'm happy with that 'little' time i have coz i am still able do what i love to do, to create art. Thank you God for this 'gift' that you've given me....Amin....
Take care! Hugs : July

Sunday, January 24, 2010

About Scrapbooking

My very first time taking part in Ed's challenge. This was her "2010" challenge, as long as you have "2010" in your layout, thats about it, i was thinking, this is the simplest challenge for me, so i tried.
And this is how i did mine....

here's a closer look......

i did my journaling on this 'hand' the outcome!

If u do scrapbooking, go check out Ed's blog, she's already a 'pro' in scrapbooking! You can also find out what's her latest challenge, maybe you wanna give it a try too!

Today's already Sunday! Next week's the last week for the month of January. Can you imagine how time just 'fly' by....before i sign off, let me share with with you the 'sentiments' from Tim Holtz collection i used to stamp in my layout..

"Time is a companion that goes with us on the journey. It reminds us to cherish each moment because it will never come again. What we leave behind is not as important as how we have lived."

Thanks for dropping by.
Peace and Luv : July

Thursday, January 21, 2010

My journal 'Flip" videos are done! finally....

OMG!! took me ages to do this video. I really draaag when it comes to 'editting' (hope i spell it correctly) and then uploading the vids in You Tube. Anyway...while i'm waiting for those vids to be uploaded, i thought, hmmm...update my blog!!

I just wanna say a MEGA Thank You to my friends (including my 'you tube' friends and subscribers), my 'followers' and families for all your support and for taking time to drop by my blog or You Tube channel, Thank You for all the nice comments be it in my blog or YT. O.K i've said enough....
Hope you enjoy my 4th and 5th journal flips.

Take a look at my journals.....

from bottom : 1st journal, 2nd, 3rd, 4th

from another angle.....

This is my what i call my "painting" journal. In this journal, i try to draw and paint more instead of lots of cutting and pasting even though the temptation is there (heee....). The size is bigger, coz i wanna try to do some of my art work on a canvas soon (hopefully..)

Here's what i did so far......

"butterfly, butterfly so beautiful to me......"

oh, look at that eyelashes!!! inspired by one of the You Tube artist @adrianaalmanza, i subscribed to her channel. go to my channel, and find her link there under my subscriptions! her girls and their 'eyelashes' are just mesmerizing!!

hmm...dunno what to do with this one yet
and..oh yes, you saw the other painting inspired by the storybook "Willow". Go check out the book in our National Library at the Children's section! You can find lots of inspirations and ideas from children's book too (believe me!!)
Have a great weekend ahead and take care.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Inspirations here, inspirations there, inpirations everywhere

I mean, really, they are EVERYWHERE. And, actually, if you talk to children (of coz, at the age when they know how to talk) you really can get a zillion of inspiration from them. Not only by talking to them, many more, look at them play with their toys, look at them talk to their friends, look at them pick up flowers or leaves from the ground (for no reason) and they brought it home as a 'present' for you!!

And even though they make me angry, tired, frustrated...60% of the time,
they are ...what they are... coz a child is a 'gift' from God.
Just wanna share my thoughts and the very moment (captured in my mind) that i will remember for the rest of my 'motherhood' life....

Diyanah playing with her shadows.....

that's me and Diyanah.....

a picture she drew of me and her......

a flower she brought home for me when she came back from school...

Diyanah playing with her 'friends'.....

just look at how she 'entice' other children (whom she never met before) to listen to her talking about...i dunno what???....(even their 'maid' is listening!)
I love you Diyanah, you are what you are, you are a 'special' child (to mak and abah), you are unique, creative, active and very imaginative!!
You INSPIRED me in many ways and i Thank God for his unique 'gift'.....amin.....
Here's a painting i did in a bigger journal, INSPIRED by a book that Diyanah borrowed from the library, entitled WILLOW. Its a story about creativity, and the magical things that can happen when imagination is allowed to run wild.....(Diyanah borrowed this book and show it to me!! and i love it too! hee...) Thank you Diyanah, you really know your mommy's interest! (lol..)

this is the book....(illustrated by Cyd Moore)

and here's my painting.....

On that note, i hope you get some INSPIRATIONS and got inspired! Just wanna share what i read behind the cover of WILLOW....
"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once grown up" - Pablo Picasso
Hope you have a blessed and creative day! ;-)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Love my Journey (thru my journal)

And.....finally, my last entry of my 4th journal. Actually, i've already started on my 5th one!!! (heees....)
As usual, feel free to 'click' the link to my You Tubes on the left side of my blog. Here's a closer look.

Love my Journey (thru my art journal)

I'll be uploading a video of a 'flip' into my art journal. Be sure to drop by ;-)
Enjoy your weekdays and have fun!!
Luv ; July

Monday, January 11, 2010

What a Wonderful Weekend!

Weekend Well spent! Hah...nope! Just joking. Apart from the usual 'mommy' and 'wifey' duty, i manage to squeeeeeeze in my 'artsy' craving. Craving to create

this pen i made using my polymer clay canes for my friend's birthday, which i'm gonna send it by post. Hope she likes it.

Here's a peek on how i cover this pen with my canes:

its been a looooong time i've not use this cane, its drying and cracking.....but still usable (phew!)

ta daaaaaaa........

Then i slowly start taking out my containers of canes, and i remembered Diyanah's communication book

Yes! buttons!!! that give me an idea.....

Let's 'make' buttons!

ta daaaaa...........
the simplest way to make buttons! and best way to use up my old canes

"it is true that great things come in small packages"....;-)

Hope you are inspired (somehow...)
Thank you for taking time to drop by my humble blog! I'm still learning to 'improve' on every aspect about blogging. Take care, 'eat' healthy and be happy!
Hugs : July