Friday, January 20, 2012

And here we are... year 2012! Aaaaaahh choooo!! oh....its so dusty here;) heee.....
Lets begin from where i stopped, last year...

Making A4 sized cards
(for baby boys and christmas)

Altered Art
altering this chest of drawers from Kaisercraft
from this.....

to this.....

Celebrate Life
this layout is month of January challenge
@Create{Make it Happen}
using a Calender

Art Journaling

using 'scraps' and leftovers.....

collage & mixed media on stretched canvas
i did this painting quite sometime ago,
suppose to give this to someone actually....
i hope she gives me her address...

The "Black Pin" challenge
me and my artsy friends went shopping one day
 and we each bought this 'black pin'
we put a challenge to
"do something creative" with this pin.
so, i painted the pin.....
what happen next??? have to stay tune to see what i did with this pin...

My Art Journal Flip 2010/2011
 you may watch it here

Bibi and Fifi
our adorable pet(terrapins) who
love suntanning, swimming, moving the small pebbles, making a mess...
heee.....and we love to watch them doing their daily routines.
My favourite will be watching them suntanning!! heee....

I am so Thankful to my blog friends, who never fail to visit me here. Thank you so much
Rebecca Sorge  and Edustory for the 'linkie love' too.

Thank you once again for dropping by
Peace and Luv


  1. Oh wow July! fantastic artpieces! I love them all! Have a good and sane 2012!

    xxx Susi

    1. Finally!!! hehe...

      Awesome day we had getting that project moving and as always, wonderful work Mak :)

      See you soon and happy weekend!

  2. Finally an update! I was just lamenting that you don't post as often anymore.

    The stretched canvas work is lovely. I love what you did with the parcel in her hands. SO NICE!

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. A wonderful selection of your beautiful art.

  4. Just watched two of your videos on youtube for the first time. They were great and I love your art!

  5. salam... helloooo there...
    Beautifullllll!!! miss you.

  6. Love your work! Do you know the name of the company that made the dye cuts above called "petals"? Thanks


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