Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bees Wax!!
creating textures with bees wax.
using this 'thing' from g.c.d studios (Melody Ross)

and bees wax, of course....and not forgetting, mini iron!
after melting the bees wax with my mini iron, i just 'stamped'on the wax while its 'warm'

i usually use 'goldfinger' in gold or silver for my polymer clay
but, you can also use it on any textured surfaces for 'highlights'
in this case, i tried using it on the textured bees wax and it came out gooood....try it!!

Another type of Journal
sewing the cover

this time, its ALL patterned papers

final touch, sewing the button

ta daaa.....
this 'journal' is more like a photo album for me
where i can just paste the photo and embellish however i want it. no stress!;-)

On a canvas.....
mixed-media on a mini canvas for a friend's birthday....

...a lovely birthday....

hope she likes it!
i'm working on another one to be sent to M'sia...

Diyanah, with her 'finally finished' bag i made for her!!
 for Ed's challenge @ Laines
this time, you have to use buttons on both of your layouts
here's another one:
using my handmade buttons!

Art Journal entries
embrace imperfection

"i think it would be swell"

walk in nature parks, take a deep breath...

just be yourself

'always know in your heart that you are far bigger than anything that can happen to you'

Thank you all for dropping by!
Hope you are inspired.
Take care and Ta-ta!
Peace n Love : July;-D


  1. I am ALWAYS inspired by your art and all that you do. Every piece you've shown here is so beautiful and full of life. I know your friend will love the canvas you've made for her could she not? It's gorgeous!
    Peace & Love,

  2. Salam! Hey first of all, wow wow weeeee...i see so many beautiful creations happening here... the canvas gift is very sweet... and i like how you made the patterned paper journal.
    The bag is really unique!!!

  3. as always, totally Inspired! loving everything i see and she's lucky to have that Birthday gift. and how cute is that Little Girl with her Artsy bag? :D

    glad to see you this afternoon and it was fun! posted photos @ my blog for you to keep..hehe

  4. Oh, THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH for the lovely canvas! Now I have a real ART to hang at home hahahaha!!! It's all sooooo Lovely and BEAUTIFUL!

  5. WOW Fantistic!
    Thank you for sharing and honestly, I'm very overwhelmed by what I saw on your blog.

  6. great projects, july!!
    july, how did you melt the beeswax with the iron? when it's melted, you dip the metal piece into the beeswax and stamp onto the page?

  7. Thank you each and everyone of you for your lovely, encouraging comments!
    Feli : i 'sprinkle' the beeswax on the finished artwork, wait till the mini iron to 'warm up' at the right temperature and iron on the beeswax to melt it slowly, when its all melted, i 'stamp' onto the melted beeswax. Hope that helps.;-)

  8. Your work is breathe taking. I love it all. I especially love your girl images. You're such an inspiration.


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