Wednesday, April 14, 2010

nahht....this is not a mess from my daughter....

its from me!! so syiok to do this when you're watching tv (late at night when everybody's asleep) happy! this image is from a pattern paper which i transfered using this technique. you've gotta try it. very easy!
got addicted, and did more....
planning to do somekinda 'fabric' journal/album, i'll see how.
with Acrylic Artistic Ink
LOVING it!! what i did here was just to drip the three colours here and there, took a straw and then blow the 'ink' in all directions. fun!

and then, start playing with this (been 'sitting' in my drawer for ages!!)
bought it, but never use it, so i decided, its time to experiment again...
i dare not use clear stamp, coz i'm afraid that it might 'melt'
here's where i got the inspirations from, oh, i love You Tube.

'her life'

and a very easy peasy 'gift'
plain post-it note pad, which i stamped 'cupcakes' on every page
took a patterned paper, measure, cut, glue, embellish, and then....
ta daaaa......
made one more for my chocolate drop too!!

that's all for now. i'll be back soon. hope to keep you inspired!
be happy, and stay healthy.
see 'yah'
Luv : July


  1. ohhh...loving that technique! must learn from you soon :)

    hope you're doing great. nice catching up this week. same thing next week? hehehe...

  2. really really really nice! i is so educational.

  3. thanks for sharing the link!! I happen to have the sticky back canvas, so i'll definitely try it! sounds like fun!


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