Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I've been soooo tired lately, i just feel like sleeping most of the time. Well, i wish!....In between housework and many more never ending duties at home, i managed to squeeze in some time to make art, because ART, for me, heals....(in one way or another) 
did this on a 6"x6" stretched canvas

this one on a 10"x12" canvas board

preparing mini iron to melt my beeswax

"scattering" the beeswax......

melting and spreading my beeswax.....
i stamped on the beeswax, using rubber stamp for texture

did this on a 91/2"x13" canvas board

My Art Journal
(last two pages)

i'm sooo into the 'bird' thing...hmmm, dunno why

before i sign off, let me share with you one of  my favourite art quotes:
ART washes away from the SOUL the dust of EVERYDAY LIFE - unknown..
Thank you for dropping by and i hope you are inspired.
Take care, be happy, stay healthy and smile always ;)

Ta taaaaa!!!!


  1. hi, just found your blog... LOVE your art journal pages, great depth and colour combos.

  2. thank you for the inspirations... that was lovely on a tuesday!!!

  3. All of the above are just beautiful! Love it! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. July your work ALWAYS inspires - I love looking at the layers and layers (why can i not ever achieve layers like that???)
    Beautiful beautiful work as always - thanks for sharing your talent.

  5. You work is wonderful and inspriring, thank you for sharing !!

  6. hi July, Inspire is my fave!!! love your Art~ing *wink wink*

    see you Friday! we'll Rock n Roll...hehehe

  7. Your work is absolutely amazing!! Thanks so much for sharing! I'm your newest follower!!

  8. really love what you do with the beeswax. Love your last two pages. I also find l HAVE to do my Art no matter how tired l am..keeps me sane!!!xlynda is my everyday photo blog and l have reinstated my art blog..


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