Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Just came back from Malaysia. And finally at my Home sweet Home... (Singapore!).
 I really miss my Art Journal! haaa......
decided to play with my glimmer mists
this is another journal that i made using very heavy watercolour papers. i love the texture on this paper, it just gives you that 'bleeding' effect.
just did a lot of watercolour painting using different colours from my glimmer mists and paint whatever that comes in my mind.... and then scribble some quotes....
didn't do much for Father's Day, just lots and lots of rest!!
but managed to make a very simple card...
Happy Father's Day to all harworking and loving Fathers out there!!
hope that you're inspired!
have a lovely week ahead, take care, smile always and stay healthy.
Thank you for dropping by!
Love always....


  1. Salam kak July!!!
    when i look at these just gives off a free spirited aura... beautiful words... i love the one that says " Soak in the sun"... we all need some of that... :D... and such a cool new way of using glimmer mists!!! thank you for your weekly inspirations!!!

  2. Hey Hey July! Glad to hear you're back and so glad to know too that you had so much fun in KL. Love love your new art work. We'll catch up soon when school starts ya!

  3. Love your work my friend. Love your family image too..happy beautiful looking familyxxlynda

  4. I love glimmer mist and I love the way you used it in your art journal... inspirational.

  5. Gorgeous art! glad you're home and i see Kota Tinggi is back to normal :)

    we'll catch up soon yeah!


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