Monday, June 7, 2010

Hello to all! Thank you for all your comments, and I hope that you are inspired!! Its been a very busy week for me so far, i'm really 'stuck' at times not knowing what to do. So sometimes, just by "gesso-ing" a page in my art journal kinda release my stress a bit. you feel the same way too?
So, yesterday was my 12 years wedding anniversary. I really can't believe how time flies, so fast! But, i'm blessed to have a hubby like my 'chocolate drop'. Ooops i'm talking too much.
Alright, heres what i've done...
'12 years anniversary'
Hidden Journalling layout for month of June @Create {Make it happen}

My Art Journal

....only when they want mud for their nest....
'Wings' layout no.1 for month of June @Papierhouse

'carry on and fly away with your imaginations'
"Wings" layout no.2 for month of June challenge @Papierhouse

Here's a little story i want to share, looking at many inspirations from my blog and you tube friends with their beautylicious dressform creations are just breathtaking till, i was stuck...
so, i asked myself, what shall i do with my version of dressform....?
dressform always reminds me of 'Project Runway'. which reminds me of my favourite host/judge Tim Gunn, which then reminds me of his famous phrase "carry on...."

mixed media mini album
'happy memories' mixed media mini album
i used 4"x4" coasters and whatever old pattern papers that i have. distress the edges using my favourite paint dabbers did a lot of collage using fibre papers and inchies from ArtChix Studio then stamping here and there,embellish, tie ribbons and ta daaa....
but of coz, there will be photos in this album soon.... 

till my next update....
enjoy the school holidays with your kids, stay healthy and happy always.
Ta taaa!
Luv : July;)


  1. love the colours on your dress form july! you did some stamping on it too?

  2. Congrats on your 12th aniversary July - They do say time flies when you're enjoying yourself!
    As always stunning work and I'm particularly loving your mini book.
    Enjoy your school holidays - hope thay are productive.

  3. Happy 12th Anniversary J & R!
    hope you had a wonderful time :)

    Thanks for having us over the other day and i'm hoping to start soon on my Art Journal ;) you Girls gotta shake my bottles of almost dried paints!!! hehehe...

    see you soon Dear! Take Care :)

  4. ahhh... more beautiful creations...!!!
    what you did for your anniversary is just splendid... and mini album looks fantastic! nice stuff frm artchix... hardly see them in stores now...

  5. happy 12th anniversary to both of you... love love love all the pages you delicious...must meet up to touch touch the pages again...hehehe


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