Thursday, October 28, 2010

 My Art Journal entries....

'where are you?'


'what you once were.......'

(inspired by Teesha Moore)
'beauty in the eye of the beholder'
did i miss 'the' there?? anyway.....

yeah, we all have many wishes don't we??.....


always lack of it.....heee...;)

'paint what you know, teach what you learn, LOVE
what you do......' - unknown

Remember my 'small art'?
decided to do this on a 10"x20" stretched canvas....
here's using Tim Holtz grungeboard fluorishes as textures.....
Distress crackle paints.....
crate paper 'Restoration Collection' papers as
my 'flowers'.....
hmmmm.......i'm still not satisfied with this actually...
will show you again once its finished!

did this for Diyanah's school project
a robot out of 'recycle' materials...
plastic spoon??
jewellery box??? and that antenna (hee)??
check out the back of the robot...(compartments to keep 'stuff')
oh well, i named him "Kenji"
Hope you're inspired!!
Thank you for stopping by my blog;-)
Eat moderately, drink plenty of water (Thank you Mama J) and stay healthy!
Peace n Luv


  1. Dear July, love all your work as always :) Thanks for the mini girls...they're truly lovely!

    Kenji is totally cute and i'm sure she will enjoy showing it off. hope we'll catch up soon. Take Care!

  2. So many wonderful new pieces July! I think "headache" and "happiness" are my favorites! They're just wonderful! are all the rest, of course! Kenji is a masterpiece all on his own! Thank you for the inspiration you are!...Nancy :o)

  3. nice! love your girl's work too...hhehe

  4. masha allah. beautiful pages . ur such an inspiration. i havent done any journal pages for months. i need to make time.

    hope u and ur family are well insha allah xx

  5. July, those art journal entries are gorgeous! :) And that Kenji? I totally like! :) Yes, drink more water... at least the haze is gone for now!

    - Jus

  6. I appreciate your post, thanks for sharing the post, i want to hear more about this in future.


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