Monday, July 26, 2010

Hi Everyone! I'm back week really passed by sooo fast nowadays. We celebrated Racial Harmony Day last week and in conjuction with that, I want to show you what I did with this Racial Harmony Kit I designed for Papierhouse.

if you want to know more about this kit, please visit Papierhouse

About My Art Journal

compromise and corperate

this next entry was inspired by Eveline's blog after reading her "You don't need all that stuff" post, dated Friday, July 16 2010
and so i tried, and this is my version using a pen....(though i did sketch using my colour pencil first)
andai ku tahu.....
what i wrote on my entry are the lyrics of the song by Ungu (a band from Indonesia)

....make today something to smile about tomorrow...

follow your path

...i know how it feels like to be caged....

to find your creativity allow yourself to think like you did as a child

look at what my friend bought for me when she came back from San Francisco...
its not just any colour pencils, its Prismacolor colourpencils!
Thank you so much Linda, I love it;)

and with that, I want to Thank you too for dropping by my blog.
I hope you are inspired.
Take care, stay young and healthy....
Ta taaa....from


  1. Oh, Miss July! I love your blog so much! You always have beautiful, inspiring, and positive things to talk about. Hugs and Aloha, Marie.

  2. July your so lucky to get the Prismacolor from your friend...:)
    Take care,

  3. love the new art pages!!! your Girls are so pretty :)

    great catching up over the weekend, let's meet up again before Ramadan yeah. Take Care!

  4. Salam... hi there... I think what you designed for Papierhouse looks great
    and i love what you did with the flowers to line the dress...

  5. all the yummy! ay...when is our next crop? in august? before i start work ok...hehehehe


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