Monday, January 11, 2010

What a Wonderful Weekend!

Weekend Well spent! Hah...nope! Just joking. Apart from the usual 'mommy' and 'wifey' duty, i manage to squeeeeeeze in my 'artsy' craving. Craving to create

this pen i made using my polymer clay canes for my friend's birthday, which i'm gonna send it by post. Hope she likes it.

Here's a peek on how i cover this pen with my canes:

its been a looooong time i've not use this cane, its drying and cracking.....but still usable (phew!)

ta daaaaaaa........

Then i slowly start taking out my containers of canes, and i remembered Diyanah's communication book

Yes! buttons!!! that give me an idea.....

Let's 'make' buttons!

ta daaaaa...........
the simplest way to make buttons! and best way to use up my old canes

"it is true that great things come in small packages"....;-)

Hope you are inspired (somehow...)
Thank you for taking time to drop by my humble blog! I'm still learning to 'improve' on every aspect about blogging. Take care, 'eat' healthy and be happy!
Hugs : July

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