Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Back to my ART!!!

This entry is entiltled 'embrace imperfection'

Hmmmm.....wanna learn how to do this entry??? You can find the link to my You Tube on the left side of my blog! Come visit or subscribe to my channel!!

Here's another entry entitled 'imagine' unfortunately, i do not have a 'tutorial' for this entry, but you can still watch the close up of this page on my 'embrace imperfection' video.

There's a tag in the 'pocket' ephemera from Art Chix, well, nothing special, just staple around it to make like a pocket. Then cut the screen print into thin stripe (to fit the 'pocket') and then, journal your thoughts!! That's it!! yeah, yeah i know......i used too many butterflies??? they're my favourite!
With Luv : July


  1. Hi July,

    Love your art. really inspired me. keep your videos coming....I am one of your fan too...linking you to my little blog to show off to my friends too....


  2. as always July, love your work!!!
    i'll be your personal student ok :D


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