Monday, January 25, 2010

Family is Everything.....

Here's another Ed's challenge. Anything about family!! Hmmm....i'm having a blast doing this!
And here's my layout....

wanna closer look.......

family is forever, family is everything.........

Finally, i get to 'play' with my sewing machine. I'm trying to make a fabric paper 'envelope'.

i can put 'stuff' inside.....

can't help it....i HAVE to alter it, coz it looks too clean.....

LOVE the 'distress' edges

i don't know what to do with this yet. one thing for sure i must embellish it. Any suggestions???

An update on what i've been doing with my art journal. Just sketching /drawing a bit.

so many artsy things to do, soooo little time!
But, i'm happy with that 'little' time i have coz i am still able do what i love to do, to create art. Thank you God for this 'gift' that you've given me....Amin....
Take care! Hugs : July


  1. Masyallah...i love your fabric envelope...and you drawings... wow wee... sth abt you reminds me of Suzie Blu... haha... wonderful; works of heart!

  2. Came across your blog. Cool site!!
    Gorgeous layout:-D


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