Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Atok (Grandfather) and Wan(Grandmother) is here.......yay!!

Diyanah always get very excited everytime whenever her grandparents is here. Coz she knows that her uncles, aunties and cousins will come over too!!!

"Goofing" around with her teens cousins!

My hubby joins in!!

My dear father (1st from the right) and my two brothers with Diyanah

Atok and his grandchildren

And then, school re-open the next day.........(the moment i've been waiting for)

This year Diyanah's in the morning session

Till my next update, take care, stay healthy and smile....always!!! Luv : July

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  1. ohhh...great photos July :)

    Diyanah looks happy to go back to school.
    hope we'll catch up more this year yeah :)

    Take care!


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