Saturday, January 30, 2010

Just an update!

I just wanna share with you an update on my journal entries.

remember this.......


lets take a closer look......
oh....can't resist using butterfly.....

what else after sketching???

ta daaaa.......

i've yet to decide where to 'put' the title, maybe right below her left eye....

i just finished with this one...
"Love is an Art"

there's no vids on all the entries you've seen here, but i did upload a "how i did my stencilling" video on my YT channel, nothing new or special, but hope you like it. go check it out! that 1 min ++ of video took me about almost 7mins to upload to You Tube....(phew!!!...)

Before i sign off, let me share with you some quotations by Roland Fiddy...
LOVE is an ART
LOVE is the sound of sweet music
LOVE lifts you to great heights
LOVE tries to impress
LOVE is like floating on air
LOVE can sometimes be a ROUGH ride!

Take care, stay healthy and have a LOVEly day!
LOVE : July ;-D


Hi! Thank you for your lovely comments. I really appreciate you dropping by here;)
Hugs: July